2 Pinoys Detained in Saudi Arabia for ‘Security’ Reasons

At least two Filipinos are detained in Saudi Arabia for security reasons, a Saudi news site reported late Tuesday.

They are among 3,472 people detained for security reasons, Arab News reported, citing figures from the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

Such detainees face charges of “involvement in terror cases, or financing terror acts and other security issues that had relevance to national security,” Arab News quoted local media as saying.

Of these, 85 are Saudi nationals, the report said.

Also charged were 183 Yemenis, 38 Pakistanis, 33 Egyptians, 20 Chadians, 16 Palestinians, 10 Bangladeshis, nine Indians;

Iraqis, Bahrainis and Afghanis (seven each), five Lebanese, Nigerians and Somalis (four each), three Americans, Russians, Malians, Filipinos, Eritreans, and Burkina Faso (two each), and a detainee each from the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Canada, Libya, Turkey.

Among the most recent detainees were 44 Saudis, five Yemenis, four Egyptians, three Indians and one each from Chad, Jordan, and the United States.

(Source: Joel Locsin/LBG, GMA News)

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