4 Phrases that LDR Couples Must Ignore

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Being in a long distance relationship is really a test among overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Couples have to battle distance and temptation. It’s a battle not everyone wins. It’s having faith in your partner despite the negative energy surrounding you in both worlds.

If you are in an LDR, you’re now probably deaf to these phrases thrown at you:

1 “Marami nang nasagasaan sa ‘Road to forever’”
This is too mainstream, but this is really what nosy people tell those in LDR. Even for married couple, a marriage certificate is not an assurance of forever, as naysayers tell.

How to contradict it: TRUST
Do not easily believe in rumors unless proven otherwise. If issues arise, ask your partner gently, and explain what you’ve learned about them. If you can feel his honesty, then believe him. Do not let rumors ruin what you’ve built for years. Women have a strong sense of intuition, use it to your advantage.

2.”Sa Pinas, married; sa Dubai, single”
While this really happens everywhere, do not let this negativity consume you. Too much overthinking about this might lead you to believe the possibility of your partner doing it on the other end.

How to contradict it: COMMITMENT
If you and your partner value commitment more than temptations, then you may stand a chance to the road of forever. Commitment is a decision and not a feeling. It is choosing to stay despite adversities.

3 “May iba nang ka-chat ‘yan.”
Don’t panic if your partner is not answering your calls, or if he is “active” in Facebook Messenger but is not replying to your messages. He’s probably busy doing some paper works, or attending to your children’s needs. Avoid concluding situations which you are not sure about. Again, you can listen to your gut feel but don’t let your suspicions get the best of your judgment.

How to contradict it: COMMUNICATION
Constant communication is the greatest defense of couples against distance. Set a daily schedule and be open to each other’s needs and concerns then talk things through.

4 “Mahal ka lang niyan kasi may pera ka na.”
This is the most sickening of all. Since you have the capacity to buy him gifts or sustain his needs, the tendency is that people may see it negatively. Don’t let money matters destroy you. You know your partner well more than anyone.

How to contradict it: SET LONG-TERM GOALS
Go back to the goals that you both want to achieve. If both of you are working on it, then it’s clear that you are in the same direction towards your goals. Believe that he’s staying because he needs you, and not because he needs something from you.

Remember, your fate is in your hands. For your relationship to last, you have to make it work.


(Source: FilipinoTimes.net)

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