4 Types of People OFWs Should Avoid to Become Successful

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There is no doubt that all of us dream of becoming successful in life. That is why many Filipinos take risks in working abroad to find greener pastures.

Aside from hard-work, patience and effort, it is also very important that you surround yourself with positive, goal-oriented, and driven people.

So if you recognize these kinds of people in your circle, do not hesitate and ditch the witch!

1 Mr. and Ms. Pessimist


These are the type of people that you should definitely avoid to become successful. Mr. and Ms. Pessimist tend to engulf you with negativity because they’re jealous with your work and your choices.
These people don’t want to suffer in agony alone so what they do is they spread negativity to postpone one’s success.

2 The Parasite

They are not only energy vampires, but money suckers as well. If you feel like the presence of this person is starting to get under your skin and is starting to pull you down, don’t hold back and walk away.

3 The Coward


These are people who are afraid to take risks. They’ve become too inclined inside their comfort zone and don’t want to be disturbed even if big opportunities are knocking on their door.

Do not let these people influence you. Remember, it’s better to take risks and learn from the results rather than being static with no progress.

4 The YOLO Spender


Oh, millennial people! These people may look cool spending all the money their parents give them, or the money earned from their job. But you can never crack financial breakthrough if you keep spending money on unnecessary things.

In conclusion, the only type of person you should surround yourself are the GOAL DIGGERS. These people may be climbing the ladder of prosperity a bit slower, but appropriately and surely.


(Source: FilipinoTimes.net)

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