48 HIV Patients Told to Leave Thai Village Because Their Presence is Affecting Business

A charity housing 48 HIV positive patients in a village in Chon Buri, Thailand, has been voted to move out according to NGO officials on Monday (Dec 15).

Village heads told The Glory Hut Foundation to leave because the presence of HIV patients were affecting businesses and land value. 

Based on the foundation’s Facebook page, the residents of Lang Nern community voted 131 to 30 in favour of a decision to expel the patients and the foundation’s staff.

“They are asking us to leave despite the fact that we donate our excess goods and teach their children English,” said Chanchanok Khamtong, a spokesman for the foundation.

The foundation has been told to vacate the premises within six months, according to a page posting on Facebook. 

Lack of funds

But Ms Chanchanok said the charity does not have the funds to move out of its rented building.

“We’re not disturbing the villagers. We just want to help care for their patients,” Bangkok Post quoted her as saying.

Chon Buri municipality officials said that they are looking for alternate accommodation for the foundation.

Wichien Weruwan, chairman of the community, said that that there was no hatred towards HIV patients but rather, there were feelings in the community which made any chance of living together, futile.   

One particular problem was people who offer rooms for rents. 

Mr Wichien said that potential tenants had shunned the community.

(Source: The News Paper)

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