5 Questions you Should Never Ask during a Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for us?” is not an invitation to destroy any hope to get hired. When the employer is done with his/her questions, they often ask if you have any questions in case you would like to inquire about certain things. Take advantage of that to learn about the nature of work you could be doing, working hours, internal systems or anything else you couldn’t know on your own nor during the interview. Absolutely don’t ask the following questions:

1-      Don’t ask it if you can Google it. This is a golden rule that can save your career life not only during the interview phase but long after you get hired too.

2-      Can I work from home? Is a question that reveals your laziness or that you are unready to take on the job. Unless the job is a telecommuting one; never ask if you can work from other places.

3-      What about vacations? You haven’t passed through the interviews yet and you’re already day dreaming about your next holiday! This doesn’t make you look good at all.

4-      How much are you going to pay? Usually the hiring person will ask about your salary expectation at some point during the interview, when he/she asks, you can be frank about it then or you can say something like “salary is important but it’s more important for me that I get this job”. However, NEVER ask about the salary

5-      Can I apply to other positions within the company? Again, you are not hired yet, and even if you ask in theory; it’s like you’re not interested in the job you just applied to but rather in others.

Use your common sense to predict what other questions you shouldn’t ask your interviewer and always remember, you are there to get hired. There will be plenty of time later to ask questions.

(Source: ArabNews.com) 

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