500K to Benefit from Midday Break Rules in Dubai

2015-0610 500K to Benefit from Midday Break Rules in Dubai

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DUBAI: The Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs in Dubai (PCLA-Dubai) has launched an awareness campaign to ensure that Dubai workers and companies adhere to the summer midday break rules throughout the emirate, according to a media report.

An estimated half million construction workers in Dubai will benefit from the Ministry of Labour’s three-month mandatory midday break regulation this year and the labor committee will follow up on its enforcement, reported WAM.

Major-General Obaid Mohair bin Suroor, deputy-director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai), and PCLA chairman, was quoted as saying that the committee will follow up closely on the implementation of the preventive measures in order to protect outdoor workers from the summer heat.

Major-General bin Suroor reportedly said that a team has been allocated by the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs in Dubai, in cooperation with the local and federal departments, in order to enforce the midday break rules throughout the emirate.

He added that the PCLA inspection team will not only nab violators, but will also offer guidance and educate workers and companies on how to avoid them.

Bin Suroor reportedly said that the PCLA is keen to educate workers on the dangers of working under direct sunlight and on how to protect themselves during the hot summer.

He said that a team from PCLA started distributing booklets this week in several languages, in order to raise awareness about the advantages of implementing the midday break.

The annual ban prevents labourers from carrying out any work under direct sunlight between 12 and 3pm throughout the three-month period, reported WAM.

Abdul Momen Al Medawi, coordinator of the PCLA, reportedly said that field visits will be conducted on a daily basis, adding that companies found violating the rules will face hefty fines.

Workers and members of the public can contact the toll free numbers, 8005111 and 04-70705005, or e-mail dlc@dnrd.ae to report violations, the report added.

(Source: FilipinoTimes.ae)

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