8 Ways to Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water

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Image Credit: Pixabay
Drinking a tall glass of water is unbeatable, but here are some alternative ways to keep hydrated inside and out


Keep yourself hydrated through your dietary choices and skin care routines

While nothing in the world can beat a tall glass of water, there are various alternative ways to stay hydrated without guzzling down bottles of H2O, a task that many people find tedious.

There are plenty of water rich foods out there that we can eat to keep our bodies refreshed and hydrated all day, as well as a couple of ways to keep our skin fresh and hydrated.

Here are 8 ways you can stay hydrated if you get bored of drinking plain old water.

1. Eat watermelons

A watermelon is made up of 92 per cent water, and 8 per cent fruit. The fluids that are found in the watermelon include salt, calcium and magnesium, which are perfect components to re-hydrate the body after a long day. Pair watermelon cubes with some sharp feta cheese and a sprig of mint for a more exciting dish.

2. Drink milk


This re-hydrator is actually a great substitute. Start your day with a bowl of cereal and some 2 per cent. We all know that milk is a great way to get your calcium fix, but low fat milk or chocolate milk is a great way to keep the hydration levels up throughout the day. It is also a great post workout drink, as it helps with recovery after exercise.  

3. Start with soup at lunch or dinner


Soup is an essential starter at any dinner table. If you have the option, choose a clear soup rather than a creamy one and start your meal with a nice hot bowl. It’s a great way to boost your water intake and energy levels and will keep your body full of water.

4. Sip on a smoothie


Pick some fruit with high water content such as oranges, watermelon, apples, pineapples, and peaches and make a smoothie!  Instead of adding yogurt or milk, try adding water and some ice instead. It will keep you hydrated for longer and you can make a large batch and drink it throughout the day.

5. Avoid salty foods

Easier said than done. A diet based around processed, salty foods can really dehydrate your body, which your body doesn’t exactly need. Our bodies usually only need a small daily dose of salt, which we can get naturally from veggies and some fruits. So try and skip the fried food, like salty fries or that burger you had your eye on. Instead have some coconut water, apple slices or some baby carrots.

6. Munch on some leafy greens


Although it is nutritionally quite ineffective, the Iceberg lettuce contains 96 percent water, and is a great addition to any salad if you want to re-hydrate. So if you aren’t a soup person, start your meals with a tasty salad instead. Add some cucumbers and tomatoes to really boost water levels.

7. Hydrate from the outside in, at least twice a day


When you wake up, make sure you moisturise your skin to keep it looking fresh and hydrated. The best time to do this would be right after stepping out of your morning shower and then once again before going to sleep. If you have to be outside, sunscreen is essential to keep the moisture locked in.

8. Don’t over wash the face

You may think that adding water to the skin is the key to hydration. To some extent that is true, however, washing your face too much, strips the skin of its essential oils and actually makes it more dehydrated, rather than the other way around. If you are a frequent face washer, make sure to re-moisturise frequently in order to keep the skin dewy and fresh.


(Source: GulfNews.com)

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