A Second Aid Shipment Arrives to Aden from UAE

Published on 26 May 2015 in News
Yemen Times Staff (author)

2015-0529 A Second Aid Shipment Arrives to Aden from UAE

Photo from News Live

A second aid shipment carrying food and medical aid sent by the UAE Red Crescent arrived in Aden on Sunday. Yemeni officials said that the shipment weighed 460 tonnes and was delivered by sea through the port in Aden.

The UAE Red Crescent are currently distributing around 225 tonnes of food to those  in need. The local designated aid coordinator said that the UAE Red Crescent had also delivered a shipment containing 1,200 tonnes of medicine and medical supplies to Aden last week.

 A shipment of Diesel weighing 4000 tonnes was also sent on Friday to help run local hospitals and medical services which deteriorated as a result of the lack of petroleum derivatives which led to a decline in health conditions in Yemen.

 A local doctor said, “ we are extremely happy that aid shipments are coming to Aden, we cannot run the hospitals without electricity and generators and we are facing problems with finding clean water because there is no fuel to help generate the water pumps.”

The UAE Red Crescent said that their team of medics and humanitarian workers are facing major challenges in delivering the aid to areas of conflict. They also said that aid distribution is organized through cooperation with regional and international humanitarian organizations that are trying to improve the humanitarian conditions during this difficult time.

(Source: YemenTimes.com)

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