Annie Rose Cequina: Honored for Her Dedicated Service

Annie had a career back in the Philippines. She is working as an Associate Professor  in two famous universities in Manila and a part-time voice talent for an audio-video instructional material. However the salary she is getting back then is still not enough to finance all her needs. What’s more, the distance of her former job site to her residence address had taken its toll on her. She is obligated to leave her Marikina apartment so early in the morning to catch up the first LRT trip and went back home catching the last trip.

When friends informed her of an opportunity to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) in China, she decided to leave the burden of 6 to 10 kind of life and pursue a new career out of the country.

In China, she tried her luck as a walk-in applicant to at least two companies. Unfortunately, the companies are looking for either applicant from Europe or America or Asians with perfect American or British accent.

When she finally gave up and was supposed to return to the Philippines, the Academic Manager of a Canadian-based language institute called. He immediately needed a replacement for an American teaching staff, who just resigned,

 Annie said that is she is satisfied with her present job because she is contented and happy with the compensation she is receiving. Her one month salary in China is equivalent to a two and a half month pay of her three jobs in Manila.

ccording to Annie, the Chinese people have high regard for Filipino teachers. The overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are proud that the Chinese consider Filipinos as excellent teachers, and they strive to live up to the standards.

 The case is quite different though with their Western colleagues because Filipinos are either verbally abused, discriminated and simply considered as domesticated human beings.

 The good thing is that Annie and other OFWs are not affected with the discrimination. She just do her job well with dedication and commitment. She puts her heart to her work and tried to surpassed the expectations of everyone. She doesn’t mind working beyond office hours just to make sure that the week’s learning activities are perfectly planned out and executed even with an empty stomach or during cold winter nights. Annie worked so hard that she is able to conceptualized and materialized brilliant projects which increased the enrollment rate of the school.

She started as an English teacher in the upper primary levels, Grades 4,5,6 in one of the best schools in Guangzhou ( the 3rd in rank, actually). Attending to all the teaching tasks and contributing much in the academic community made her so visible.

 Soon all her academic endeavors have become successful because among the Australians, Canadians, Europeans in the team – – the company has chosen her to be the Academic Supervisor. By rendering excellent service, Annie gained the respect of her colleagues.

 Annie’s message to all OFWs around the world? God has given us our talents and He expects that we multiply them. Irregardless of our job, as long as we do it with honor, dignity and decency, no one can stop us from being skillful, dedicated and arduous. Be brave amidst difficulties and let’s make a difference!

(Source: OFWGuide)

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