How to Apply for a Driver’s License in Saudi Arabia

The process of application for a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia is not easy.  So you have to prepare first all the documents needed before heading on to the driving school to file your application.

Just follow these step by step procedure, and your on your way to get hold of your driver’s license in the kingdom. Unless of course if you fail the tests as part of the process which will also result to the failure of your application process.

  1. Prepare all the documents needed.  These documents include the following:
  • Iqama (original and photocopy).
  • Photocopy of passport (visa entry and passport data with photo).
  • Driving license fro your country of origin.
  • Translation of your driving license in Arabic.
  • Four pieces of passport size photos, with white background
  • Medical report.
  • License fee of 400 SAR to be paid in the bank.
  1. Go to the driving school early.  You can ride a taxi to take you to any driving school. Be there at 7am to start early on the application process.
  1. Proceed to the shop near the entrance gate. Get an application form which is to be filled for you in Arabic.  After you’ve finished filling up the form, enclosed it in a file cover.  Do not entertain people who will approach you near the entrance gate, asking you 450 SAR for bank payment because you have already done that (Refer to step 1, letter g).
  1. Go to Room #2 inside the license office. One person will do an eye-sight test, while the other will check your forms.  He will then stamped it and tell you to go the ‘License Check’ counter.
  1. In the ‘License Check’ counter, another person will stamp your application paper and wil then send you for ‘first trial’.  Behind the building you will find a trial place, cars where a person will be sitting inside.  They will ask you drive the car.  Then they will make comments on your paper.
  1. Go back to Room #2 and deposit a 100 SAR.  This is for your training fee.  You’ll have to attend a 3-hour class, which will all be about teaching you the basics like identifying  different signals and the genral drivign rules.  Listen to the lecturer carefully and read all that is written in the chart they will give you.  There will be a computer test after class.  You’ll have to answer 20 questions only.  But if you make any mistake in the first ten questions, then you failed the test.  But if you pass the computer test, driving test will then follow.
  1. Take the driving test.  Remember, this will only happen if you pass the computer test. Don’t worry because the test for your driving skills is very easy.
  1. Go to Room #1, which is the main room.  You will find a place called ‘License Delivery’. Get a number here and proceed to the counter  to give your file.  You wil be told to wait for your name to be called.
  1. Wait for your name to be called.  Once your name is called, you will be given your new driver’s license. Congratulations! You can now drive around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the next ten years.


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