Beware! Moving Time Bombs Roam Madinah Streets

By Sultan Al-Maimouni
Okaz/Saudi Gazette

MADINAH — Several residents in Madiah have warned against the hazards constituted by the trucks loaded with cooking gas cylinders roaming the streets of the holy city under hot temperatures.

They termed these vehicles to be time bombs which might explode any moment killing or injuring people and damaging properties.

The residents noted that the gas trucks are usually on the streets during the peak hours of hot temperature from 12 noon to 3 p.m.

They asked the concerned bodies including the Civil Defense to put an end to this dangerous phenomenon and to allow the trucks to move on the streets only during the times of moderate temperature in the mornings or evenings.

Barakat Al-Harbe, a Saudi resident, recalled the decision issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development preventing private companies from making their manpower work under the direct rays of the sun and said similar measures should be applied on the gas cylinder trucks.

“How can we allow the trucks loaded with gas cylinders to move freely on our streets?” he questioned adding that the cylinders might explode any time under the scorching heat.

Ahmed Abdullah, another Saudi resident, was also deeply concerned with the trucks moving freely on the streets during the hot hours and said they should be stopped and asked to distribute the cylinders early morning or in the evenings.

Rayan Mohammed expressed similar fears and warned that all indicators were warning of a catastrophe to result from the explosion of the gas cylinders which he referred to as “time bombs”.

Deputy director of Civil Defense Capt. Rayed Al-Ahmadi played down the fears and said the cylinders were manufactured in such a way to withstand heat.

He said there was coordination between the manufacturing company and the Civil Defense to observe the maximum degree of safety in the cylinders.

Ahmadi assured the residents that there were no fears of any possible explosion of the cylinders because of the hot weather.



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