Bogus Employees Prey on Subscribers of this Telco in UAE

Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in Dubai should be wary of a money-making scam that extorts subscribers of du telecom.

In an advisory sent to customers via SMS, du warned clients against bogus employees who give discounts for their telecom bills.

“Some imposters, claiming to be working for du, will offer you discounts on your du bill payments. Please do not accept any such officers. These imposters are using stolen credit cards for payments,” the du advisory stated, as quoted in a Khaleej Times report.

Subscribers are advised to report suspicious claims by calling customer care staff at 155 or sending an email to

This is not the first time that imposters use the modus to get money from unsuspecting victims.

In July, supposed employees call telecom subscribers to offer huge prizes by providing bank details and other personal information.



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