Clashes Near Aden Airport

Published on 29 May 2015 in News
Yemen Times Staff (author)

Heavy clashes between the Popular Resistance and Houthi militants broke near the airport on Friday.

Residents said that a group of southerners attacked few Houthi militants in an attempt to force them to leave the area.

At least 4 from the Popular resistance and 15 from Houthi forces backed up by the Ex President Ali Abdulla Saleh were killed in the clashes and tens have been reported injured.

The Saudi-led coalition launched at least four air strikes on several Houthi locations and a military base near the airport in Aden.

Aden Mall, the largest and most popular mall in Aden has also been hit by Houthi forces on Thursday, and pictures of destroyed shops went viral on social media.

Residents in Aden suffer severely from the lack of food, water, electricity, an d fuel. Telephone lines and internet have been cut in several districts including Crater and Mualla. The airport has been closed since the beginning of the conflict, but the port is still functioning and is being used to receive ships carrying medical aid and food supplies.


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