DFA Warns Filipinos Against Falling Prey to Ghana Visa Scam

Niña P. Calleja


Philippine Daily Inquirer 5:40 AM | Sunday, May 31st, 2015

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has warned overseas Filipino workers against a reported scam in Ghana, Africa, which promises to process Australian visas for a hefty sum of money.

The Philippine Embassy in Abuja in Nigeria issued the advisory after receiving reports that a group of Ghanaian nationals have been recruited to travel to the Philippines to process their working visas to enable them to work for some Australian companies in exchange for $5,000 each, excluding ticket costing $2,000.

“Several Ghanaian nationals have already been victimized by scam operators through schemes promising and recruiting individuals to travel to the Philippines to process Australian visas via telephone or social networking sites in the Philippines,” the embassy said.

The embassy warned Filipinos not to believe these scam operators.

“The embassy urges Filipinos to exercise caution in communicating with unknown individuals through telephone lines or social networking sites, particularly in providing sensitive information and responding to untrusted telephone or Internet offerings,” the Philippine Embassy said.

(Source: GlobalNation.Inquirer.net)

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