Direct Hire of Migrant Workers Via Internet from January 2018

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The minimum monthly wage will also be increased to NT$22,000 (US$741), benefiting around 1.66 million workers from January 1, 2018


A raft of new measures endorsed the Ministry of Labor will take effect next week in Taiwan.

They include a rise in the minimum wage, higher premiums for labor insurance, greater monthly contributions for labor pensions, and direct hiring of migrant workers via the internet.

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Starting from January 1, 2018, the statutory minimum monthly wage will increase to NT$22,000 (US$741) from NT$21,009. Around 1.66 million workers across the island will benefit, Taiwan Times reported.

Meanwhile, an estimated 390,000 workers will be able to earn NT$7 more per hour as the minimum hourly wage has been adjusted to NT$140 (US$4.72) from NT$133.

With higher minimum wages, adjustments are expected in labor insurance and the monthly contribution or payment to the labor pension fund. Around 3 million workers will pay sums ranging from NT$2 to NT$21 more every month for their updated insurance policies.

Around 1.28 million workers will be required to make a monthly payment or contribution to the labor pension fund after the increase in their salaries.

Meanwhile, employers and individuals will be able to apply over the internet to hire migrant workers for jobs at manufacturing factories, fisheries, plus domestic workers and caregivers for homes or institutions.

The Direct Hiring Service Center in Taipei will provide a one-stop service to current and prospective employers who will be able to track the application process and result, and get reminders after hiring people.



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