DOs and DONTs for OFWs

1. DO learn and understand the host country’s language.

2. DO respect the culture, traditions and practices of your host country.

3. DO follow your work contract.

4. DO abide by laws, rules and regulations of your host country.

5. DON’T carry, use or sell drugs, substances, compounds and chemicals classified as illegal in the host country.

6. DON’T accept any hand-carried package from anyone unless you first see what is inside. Many people have been arrested and jailed for carrying firearms and drugs without their knowledge.

7. DON’T engage in activities which are considered illegal in your host country (gambling/lotto, liquor/alcohol use, cybersex, possession and/or sale of pirated video materials and/or obscene materials/articles.

8. DON’T lend your laptops to friends and acquaintances who may use them for illegal purposes.

9. DON’T live beyond your means. Avoid falling into a debt trap.

10. DON’T believe in get-rich quick scams. Examples are text messages that you have won in an electronic lottery, e-mail offering to transfer huge amount of money to your bank account.

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