Economists: Fix Minimum Wage to Lure Saudis Into Tourism Sector

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By Fatima Muhammad

JEDDAH — Economists who spoke at a discussion on investment opportunities in the tourism sector in Jeddah have emphasized the need to fix a minimum wage and enact unified contracts to attract investors as well as Saudi employees to the industry.

Abdulaziz Al-Shabraqi, head of the tourist accommodation committee at Jeddah Chamber, recommend identifying all available job opportunities in the Kingdom›s tourism sector, in addition to creating awareness among the public about such jobs.

He said the committee also demanded that all workers in furnished apartments be given proper training.

He said agreements should be forged with different law enforcement departments to specify and strictly implement punishments for investors who violate the regulations.

The participants also underlined the need to unify regulations for the hotel sector and solve issues that face investors.

JCCI Secretary-General Hassan Dahlan said it was important to unify efforts to develop and enhance the tourism sector as well as to train locals to work in the industry.

He said investors must be given financial support and encouragement to attract them to the sector.

Dahlan said the JCCI has a special committee to conduct necessary research and field studies as well as to identify the obstacles in the field and offer solutions to them.

Tariq Al-Qatni, head of safety at Jeddah Civil Defense, highlighted the need to identify commercial locations to be earmarked exclusively for furnished apartments that strictly follow safety measures.

“Accidents in hotels and furnished apartments are not common although we have documented some violations in this regard.

We regularly conduct field tours and document violations to ensure compliance with safety regulations,” said Al-Qatni.

He said hotels and furnished apartments that were built in the last two years are adhering to all Civil Defense regulations.



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