Filipinos Arrested for Harboring Runaway Maids

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The Riyadh police have arrested five Filipino expatriates for harboring 11 fugitive domestic helpers in the Al-Shimeisy neighborhood of Riyadh.

The five men had helped the 11 housemaids to run away from their sponsors and work illegally.

The police raided the house where they were running the racket, following frequent complaints by sponsors of missing domestic helpers.

A spokesman for the police said the five were arrested after a plan was laid out to nab the criminals who were making an illegitimate living out of this business. The women were all violators of the Kingdom’s residency and labor laws.

The Bureau of Investigation in Riyadh has been notified to take action against the human traffickers and violators of residency regulations.

Meanwhile, the Riyadh police have arrested five Saudis and a Palestinian involved in a number of cases of assault, theft and armed robbery.

A police spokesman said that three of the Saudis, all in their 20s, were arrested after investigations revealed that they were involved in assaulting and robbing expatriates using weapons.

The team arrested the two other Saudis and the Palestinian, also in their 20s, for similar crimes in central Riyadh.



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