Filipinos may Visit 60 Countries without Visa

2015-0525 Filipinos may Visit 60 Countries without Visa

DUBAI: Philippines citizens can now travel to more than 60 countries without applying for visa, ranking 69th in the 2013 Visa Restrictions Index by international residence and citizenship planning company Henley and Partners.

Citizens of countries such as the United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden, can visit up to 173 countries without requiring any visa, Emirates 24/7 reported.

The countries were ranked according to the number of nations their citizens can access with just a passport and no visa.

Here is a list-

Asian Countries, member of ASEAN – (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) In a reciprocity visa free agreement among member nations within the ASEAN:

Brunei Darussalam – 14 days

Cambodia – 21 days

Indonesia – 30 days

Laos – 30 days

Malaysia – 30 days

Singapore – 30 days

Thailand – 30 days

Vietnam – 21 days

Asian Countries, Non-ASEAN member

Azerbaijan – 30 days, visa issued on arrival

China, Shenzhen – There’s a 7 days visa if arriving from Hong Kong, and is valid in Shenzhen area only.

Hong Kong – 14 days validity

India – 30 days visa issued on arrival

Iran – 15 days, must obtain an e-visa pre-approval code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel – 90 days

Laos – 21 days, visa on arrival

Macau – 30 days

Maldives – 30 days visa issued upon arrival

Myanmar – 21 days

Mongolia – 21 days

Nepal – 21 days visa issued on arrival

Republic of Georgia – 90 days visa will be issued upon arrival, 360 days visa free to those who have temporary residence of Qatar, Oman,

Bahrain and Kuwait

South Korea – 30 days, if arriving at Jeju Island or after visiting Korea 4 times with visa

Sri Lanka – 30 days, but must get an Electronic Visa Authorization prior to departure.

Taiwan – 30 days, if holding a permanent residence certificate or an unexpired visa from: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States. And must register online at prior to arrival.

Timor-Leste (a.k.a. East Timor)- 30 day visa is issued at the Dili airport and seaport

African Continent

Burundi – 21 days

Cape Verde Islands – 21 days

Comoros – 21 days

Djibouti – 30 day visa issued on arrival

Gambia – visa issued upon arrival

Kenya – 90 days visa issued on arrival

Madagascar – 90 days visa issued on arrival

Morocco – 90 days

Mozambique – 30 days visa issued on arrival

Saint Helena – visa issued upon arrival

Seychelles – 30 days, must show sufficient funds & proof of accommodation

Tanzania – visa issued on arrival

Togo (Togolese Republic) – 7 days, visa issued on arrival. Requires yellow fever vaccination

Uganda – 90 day visa issued on arrival at Entebbe Airport

Zambia – 90 days visa issued on arrival

Central America

Costa Rica – 30 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival


Nicaragua – 90 days visa issued on arrival


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