I Forgot My SSS Number, What To Do?

It is inevitable. Some people tend to forget important personal data such as their SSS number. Here are some help for you to retrieve your SSS number:

  1. Firstly, do not apply for another SSS number. It will just complicate things.
  2. Go to the nearest SSS office and personally ask about your concerns.  For OFWs, SSS have branches worldwide like in Abu Dhabi, Hongkong, Brunei, Kuwait, London, Doha, Jeddah, Dubai, Milan, Riyadh, Rome, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Tip: Bring any document or documents that you think might help you recover your SSS number.

2015-0211 I Forgot My SSS Number, What To Do

It is a given fact that those who forgot their SSS numbers are those members who lost or haven’t obtained an SSS ID yet. If your SSS ID is lost, ask for an Affidavit of Loss, fill it out and have it notarized. Click this to find out how to apply for and/or renew your SSS ID. 


(Source: OFWAbroad.com)

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