Free Assistance for Illegal Residents in the UAE

As many overstays and illegals have seen a ray of hope in their darkest hours, the 3-months visa scheme has been turning into a blessing in disguise for many all across the country. Thousands of people are heading to the immigration offices in various emirates to seek the amnesty, along with consulates and embassies of many countries offering their aid to encourage the illegal residents.

Whoever said “nothing in life comes free” didn’t take into account the help that private companies have also been extending to these amnesty seekers.

Tabeer Tourism, a destination management company headquartered in Dubai, with a branch in Abu Dhabi and a global presence in over 7 countries has joined hands in offering ANY kind of FREE assistance to overstay and illegal residents living in the UAE.

Here are the steps initiated by the company with regards to Amnesty 2018:

1. Free consultation and FAQ sessions with officials on amnesty programs.
2. 24/7 services with regards to any information about the amnesty and how to avail it.
3. PRO support to anyone who wants to seek amnesty along with help in procedures and documents.

The company has announced that their PRO will be helping all their clients who are in need of seeking the amnesty and are unaware of the processes and documentations. They will be offered help in visiting the amnesty centers, and will be educated on the type of documents and procedures to be followed, depending upon the case of the violator.

They have also stepped a foot forward by holding open consultation sessions with officials at their offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi , where the experts will be guiding and educating people with how and where to seek the amnesty.

Started from the 1st of August 2018, until the end of the amnesty period, i.e. until 31st of October 2018, anyone who requires aid and support regarding the amnesty can visit the Tabeer offices and make use of these complimentary services put forward.

Visa violators who are either overstays, or have illegally entered the country without any official papers or are looking for a quick legalization of their UAE residence status or want to exit back to their home country, can benefit from this free of charge opportunity.

“We have been holding these sessions ever since the amnesty has begun” said the company. These service are totally free of cost and anyone, no matter what their nationality is, can make use of our assistances. We have all our staff trained in over 10 different languages to support as many people as we can” The company added.

For more information on the FREE consultations, Dial 800 822337.

Nearly 10,000 Filipinos are expected by the Philippines mission to avail the 3-months grace period.



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