Garin Denies Developing Ebola Symptom

Acting Health Secretary Janette Garin spoke in a hoarse voice at yesterday’s launching of the audiovisual production (AVP) for the information drive on Ebola, prompting some members of media to ask her if she had developed a sore throat, a symptom of the deadly disease.

“Wala akong sore throat; napaos lang talaga (I have no sore throat; just an exhausted throat)… after the budget hearing yesterday (Monday),” Garin said during the press conference.

Yesterday’s AVP launch was held several days after her controversial visit to quarantined peacekeepers from Liberia on Caballo Island in Cavite.


Meanwhile, four more peacekeepers from Liberia arrived here in the Philippines over the weekend.

The peacekeepers, however, are not with the first batch of peacekeepers whose quarantine period will end on the first week of December.

“They are not at Caballo. They are currently at V. Luna (General Hospital or AFP Medical Center). The batch of peacekeepers at Caballo is going to finish the quarantine on Tuesday. We don’t know the risk that might be brought by these four. We just want to make sure,” Lee Suy explained in Filipino.

(Source: Charina Clarrise L. Echaluce)

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