Helper Cleared of Stealing Bracelet

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By Ally Constantino

A Filipino helper was cleared of a theft case filed against her by her former employer.

Eastern Courts Magistrate Jacky Ip Kai-leung on February 23 found Lailane R.B. not guilty of stealing a gold bracelet from her employer.

The magistrate noted inconsistencies in the testimony of the employer.

Lailane’s Chinese employer testified in court that on October 3, she noticed that two of her tea cups were missing.

When she asked the defendant about the tea cups, the latter said she had no idea where they were.

Under cross-examination, however, the employer, who was not working, admitted that on October 1, she asked the defendant about a missing plate.

On the same day, the employer said she took out her golden bracelet from her safe because she would be dining at home with one of her friends who would be visiting her.

The following day, with Lailane still unable to produce the missing plate, the employer allegedly told the former to replace the plate and go to the “Lane Crawford” mall because that same plate could be bought there.

On October 3, however, with Lailane replacing the plate with a similar-looking one from Wing On mall, the employer was allegedly furious with her helper.

The defense said the employer then accused the defendant of taking her golden bracelet and saying that she would call the police to report the helper.

“Let’s see who the police will believe,” the defense lawyer quoted the employer as allegedly saying.

The employer denied the allegation, saying that “no such thing happened.”



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