Indian Domestic Workers ‘Too Expensive’ for Saudis

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Indian Consulate has not received requests to ratify contracts of domestic workers after an agreement regarding their recruitment in the Kingdom was made three months ago, an official source at the consulate said.

The source, who preferred to remain anonymous, attributed the low number of requests to the bank guarantee requirements imposed by Indian government, which amounts to up to SR2,500.

“This requirement is considered as one of the most important terms set by the consulate to preserve worker’s rights in the Kingdom,” he said.

“However, Saudis are interested in cheap and qualified labor, which makes Indian workers less attractive, as according the the deal, their monthly wages can reach up to SR1,500,” he said.

“The agreement was signed to benefit both parties and ensure these workers are capable of handling the job well,” the source added.

Earlier, the Indian Consul General B.S. Mubarak said his government has no intentions to cancel the bank guarantee requirement.

Saudi officials have denied connections between low levels of recruitment for Indian workers and the financial requirements demanded by the Indian Consulate, citing instead a lack of suitable workers in the country.

Yayha Maqbool, head of the recruitment committee at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), said the Indian side is not fulfilling its commitments of providing appropriate workers, adding that the currently available age groups do no meet the needs of Saudi families.


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