Indian Worker Charged before UAE Court for Groping Pinay in Elevator

An Indian worker was charged before a United Arab Emirates court for allegedly groping a Filipina inside a shopping mall elevator in Deira last May.

But the Indian, 27, denied the allegation when he faced the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday, UAE news site Gulf News reported.

“I did not molest her. I touched her by mistake and not intentionally. I consumed a beer,” the suspect told Judge Ezzat Abdul Lat.

Lat is to hand out a judgment soon, the report said.

Prosecutors accused the Indian of groping the Filipina, 35, after she walked in front of him and pressed the elevator button. He was supposedly drunk at the time.

They charged the Indian of molestation and consuming alcohol, saying he intended to molest the Filipina when he touched her with his palm.

According to the Filipina, the incident happened at the elevator of the mall’s offload bay at the mall at 9.20 p.m.

She said that when she arrived at the elevator, the suspect was standing there and waiting for it to come down.

“I pressed the button and waited beside the suspect. Once the elevator arrived and the door opened, I walked in before the defendant when he suddenly groped me. I rushed out immediately. I yelled at him then I started calling for help and for the security guards,” she said.

She said the suspect panicked and tried to press all the buttons of the lift to go up but the guards arrived and pulled him out.

(Source: Joel Locsin/KBK, GMA News)

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