Kon’Nichiwa! Filipino Teachers and Nurses Needed in Japan

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, will now also be the land of rising opportunities for Filipino when they announced their growing need for Filipino English teachers and nurses.

According to a report from gmanews.tv, Consul General Maria Teresa Taguiang said that the Japanese wants to increase their competence in English that’s why they are starting very young in education.

Taguiang also said that there is a demand not only for Filipino English teachers but also for Filipino cargeivers and nurses, given that they train and take the necessary exam to obtain a license.

But aside from the requirements to meet, one important and mandatory thing is for Filipinos to learn Nihonggo, which is the language of Japan.

Taguaing advised that Filipinos don’t have to master the language, but they have to have a good grasp to get along in the profession and performance in the job.


This will be a good chance for every Filipino who is looking forward to work abroad, specifically in Japan.  It’s a sign of hope for many nursing graduates who still don’t have a job whether in the Philippines or abroad.

(Source: OFWGuide.com)


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