KSA Eyes Djibouti, Nepal Labor Markets

2015-0608 KSA Eyes Djibouti, Nepal Labor Markets


RIYADH: Minister of Labor Mufrej Al-Haqabani and ministry officials will hold meetings on the sidelines of the International Labor Organization meeting in Geneva with labor exporting countries to discuss agreements for recruitment of domestic labor.

Tayssir Al-Mofrej, ministry spokesman and director of the media center, said meetings will take place with delegations from Djibouti,

Kenya and Nepal to finalize terms of agreements in order to expand options for citizens to recruit workers from these countries.

Ahmed Al-Abdulkarim, managing director of a domestic labor recruitment company, said the number of Filipino domestic workers in Saudi Arabia has reached more than four times the required level, with over 60,000 domestic workers recruited during 2014. He said having the Ministry of Labor open doors for recruitment of domestic workers from other countries would break the Philippine monopoly and reduce the high prices that came as a result.

He said costs for recruiting domestic labor are becoming compatible with those in neighboring countries, noting a growing preference for Saudi recruitment conditions due to better health and safety standards.


Many owners of recruitment offices and companies have described recent decisions and regulations issued by the Ministry of Labor as playing a key role in improving and developing the domestic labor market.

(Source: ArabNews.com)

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