Littering Public Places in EP Will Cost SR200

COMMON SIGHT: Throwing things out of car windows is a common occurrence.


JEDDAH: Eastern Province Mayor Fahd Al-Jubeir recently announced that a fine of SR200 will be levied on anyone found littering streets and other public places like parks and beaches.

This comes as part of a campaign named “Emattah,” launched recently by the EP secretariat and inaugurated by Prince Saud bin Naif, the province’s governor.
The campaign aims at increasing general hygiene and cleanliness in the region, local media reported.

The supervisors of the campaign, including officials and volunteers, distributed pamphlets among visitors to the 37th Al-Sharqiya Summer Festival in Dammam to raise awareness on cleanliness.

Those caught littering will be fined, warned the organizers of the campaign, which witnessed substantial interest from the public and private institutions, and targeted all community members, including children, owners of enterprises whose activity generates waste and residues as well as police patrols, inspectors and traffic officers responsible for monitoring the state of cleanliness.

Mohammad Al-Safian, spokesman for the EP secretariat, said the secretariat also organized an online pledge campaign.

“More than 90,000 people pledged to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the region, and 1,500 workers in Alkhobar promised to maintain general cleanliness. Twenty-four schools participated in the campaign and 300 students from these schools volunteered in the campaign,” he said.

Seven government agencies participate in the campaign, and 24 agreements were signed with government and private agencies to disseminate the content of the project and campaign to all citizens and residents of all age groups, said Al-Safian.

More than 70 volunteers will participate in the campaign during the events that are part of the Saudi Football League to clean terraces and seats, and raise public awareness about the importance of cleanliness, he added.



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