Man Sentenced to Jail for Beating Teenage Pinay Wife in Sabah – Report

A man was sentenced to one month in jail by the Malaysian Magistrate Court for beating his teenage Filipino wife in public.

The victim, aged 16, was a holder of IMM13, a special pass for Filipino migrants, according to a report on the Rakyat Post.

It said the incident, which was caught on video, occurred on the morning of July 15 on the street of Sinsuran in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

The accused, Berhamin Sakib, 22, pleaded guilty for beating his wife over an argument.

Court records state that the argument started when the wife tried to ask her husband for money for the diapers of their 10-month-old child while he prepared to leave for an outing with friends.

The wife reportedly confronted the suspect and asked him to go to the Islamic Religious Department with her to discuss their marital problem. The suspect declined and the argument became heated, resulting in the scuffle.

The video was shot by a passerby, the Rakyat Post report said.

Sakib was arrested hours later while the victim suffered minor injuries to the hand and neck.

Malaysian non-government organization Aliran describes the IMM13 as renewable visas for Filipino refugees during the Martial Law period.

Because many thought the visa was permanent, many Filipinos became undocumented refugees whose children often struggled to find employment and education after the Malaysian government banned undocumented children from state schools in 2003. Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News




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