Mandatory Medical Insurance for OFWs in Qatar

Qatar started implementing last year their National Health Insurance Scheme that ensures coverage for all residents by making it mandatory for private companies to pay the insurance premiums of expat employees, like overseas Filipino workers or OFWs.  Qatar had made medical insurance compulsory for all Qatari citizens and expatriates like OFWs.

Qatar’s Supreme Council of Health said that the National Health Insurance Scheme is not designed to cut costs or benefits.  Its goal is to guarantee that everyone living in Qatar, either nationals or non-nationals have the basic minimum healthcare services available to them.

OFWs should apply for a health card to avail of this health insurance.  Applications for a health card can be done at any recognized health card office like those managed by Hamad Medical Corporation or at a general post office.  OFWs should also make an effort to have their sponsor/employer include private Health Insurance in their contract.  This will guarantee that all your healthcare concerns will be laid to rest while working in Qatar.

OFWs can apply by bringing the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport with your residence visa
  • Two (2) colored passport-size photographs
  • A completed application form
  • 100 QAR fee

OFWs can also renew their health card online at the Hukoomi e-portal or at any health card office.  The National Health Insurance Scheme by the Qatari government will be fully implemented by the year 2015.


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