MERS Strikes KSA, S. Korea

2015-0223 MERS Kills 17 Since Feb. 11 Buraidah Woman Latest Victim


RIYADH: An expatriate died and two Saudis were infected with the MERS coronavirus in Huraymala and Hofuf respectively, said the Health Ministry on Tuesday.

The deceased expat male worker was 41, while the two infected Saudi men are 54 and 50.
Since June 2012, the number of MERS cases has reached 1,016 — 562 recoveries, 447 deaths and seven under treatment in the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, two people died of MERS in South Korea in the first reported deaths in that region.
Both people, a 58-year-old woman and a 71-year-old man, had been identified as carrying the virus. Six more cases were also discovered, the Korean Health Ministry said, bringing the total number of the infected to 25. Many of the infections occurred in the same hospital as the first case nearly two weeks ago.

The Saudi Health Ministry has set up a 24-hour MERS hotline, 937. The caller is assured of privacy and all needed services are offered.


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