Ministry to Open 13 Telecom Inspection Offices in Riyadh


RIYADH: The branch office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Riyadh region is planning to open 13 inspection offices to ensure proper application of job localization in the telecom sector, local media reported.

The ministry will reportedly launch the first two offices in the Batha and Taibah markets from where inspectors will launch inspection campaigns to deter any possible violation to the localization decision.

The ministry’s assistant undersecretary for special programs, Abdulmunim Al-Shihri, said the inspection teams would undertake their missions on a round-the-clock basis.

He stressed that the inspection campaigns would continue on telecom firms and shops to ensure their commitment to the Saudization decision, eradicate irregularities and clamp down on laborers working illegally.

The ministry will spare no efforts to monitor foreign workers, and will not hesitate to take strict actions on offenders and apply the labor laws to the fullest, he said.

He said the ministry has supported the inspection teams with new 100 inspectors in line with ministerial decision to limit localization of jobs of mobile phone sales and maintenance sector to Saudi males and females.

Starting from the beginning of Dhul Al-Hijjah, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, in conjunction with other concerned agencies, launched a nationwide inspection campaign within the second stage of the localization decision.

In this context, inspection visits to the telecom shops showed that 25,000 firms have complied with the first stage of the localization decision from the beginning of Ramadan up to the end of Dhul-Al-Qaddah.



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