Noon Work Ban Violators to be Punished

2015-0706 Noon Work Ban Violators to be Punished


JEDDAH: An official at the Council of Saudi Chambers said the council’s members are discussing a regulation to submit to the Ministry of Labor and other government agencies to deny a number of privileges to companies that force its labor to work under the hot noon sun.

The Ministry of Labor’s resolution prevents companies from forcing its workers to work from noon until 3 p.m. starting mid-June until mid-September.

Bandar Al-Jabri, head of land transport committee of the council, said the majority of company owners and some members of the council approved denying companies government projects such as the secretariats, transport, roads, housing and others in addition to doubling the fines imposed on them if the violation is repeated.

Abdul Hakeem Al-Ammar, member of Asharqia Chamber and head of the construction committee, said there have been some violations by a number of companies and institutions of the ban against working under the hot noon sun although the decision was issued and circulated in a timely manner.

He said there are more than 25,000 enterprises specializing in the construction business, and they all received the order. “The violations were spotted in institutions managed by foreign workers; a number of them claimed lack of knowledge of laws and regulations.”


“There is continuous communication and coordination between the Asharqia Chamber and the Ministry of Labor to familiarize the members with regulations and circulations in a timely manner so that they have no excuses for any violation whatsoever,” he added.

It is expected that the productivity of projects will decrease this year to about 20 percent because the month of Ramadan coincides with the decision of the Ministry of Labor, the summer and the Eid, a time where some workers leave for their home countries for celebrations.

“But a number of companies did not record any declines in productivity because they have made preparations ahead, changing working hours accordingly,” he said.


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