Nuggets Not Made of Whole Chicken: Dubai Municipality

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Municipality rebuts video clip spreading rumour about grinding whole chicken to make nuggets

Dubai: Dubai Municipality on Sunday rebutted the authenticity of a WhatsApp video clip, which shows chicken nuggets being produced by grinding the whole chicken, including its viscera.

In a press release issued on Sunday, Khalid Mohammad Sharif Al Awadi, director of the Food Safety Department at the municipality, said that using live chicken, small or big, and shredding them for making chicken nuggets is incorrect because it is contrary to GCC, European and US laws and the rights of animals.

“After all, it is unhealthy and cannot be applied in practice because some animal parts, such as feathers, viscera and legs, carry microbes in large quantities and will be spread to the product and cause serious health problems for the consumer,” Al Awadi stated.

He noted that all types of nuggets prepared in local factories in the UAE are subjected to the control of the authorities concerned and it is impossible to follow such practices in food establishments, which are routinely inspected.

“It also appears in the video that the poultry is placed in the machine for shredding and the minced meat is red colour. There is no evidence of feathers or remnants of animal parts [in nuggets in the market], because if you were grinding the whole chicken, the product colour will not be white, as is the colour of chicken nuggets available in the market,” he said.

The food safety chief reiterated that Dubai Municipality, represented by the Food Safety Department, is keen to ensure permanent and accurate control of all food products available in the market and that the safety of these products comes is a priority.

The official denial comes within the “Confirmed News” initiative launched by Dubai Municipality, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumours that are spread through social media and to correct false news and malicious rumours by addressing them quickly.

Residents can verify the authenticity of rumours related to food products through the WhatsApp service of the municipality. The number to contact on WhatsApp is 0501077799.



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