How OFWs can Authenticate Documents in Abu Dhabi

Authentication of documents when you’re in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is performed when the signature of a recognized UAE government official, usually the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA is authenticated by the Philippine Embassy.

Documents that usually requires authentication are corporate acts or judicial acts, or if a Filipino or OFW in particular, needs to execute a document but cannot appear and sign at the Philippine Embassy.

Filipinos must prepare first these documents to avoid any hassle during the process of authenticating.

1. The document to be authenticated.  You can download such forms or templates at  Forms needed can also be requested from the Notarials/Authentication Counter.

2. One (1) photocopy of passport for every document that needs to be authenticated.

3. For labor contracts, it should be verified first by the Philippine Labor Office or POLO.

4. For birth certificates and marriage contracts, these must be stamped by the UAE Minstry of Foreign Affairs (UAE-MOFA).

When all the requirements mentioned above are prepared, you can now do the following procedures to authenticate your document.

1. Before entering the Consular section, get your queuing number for the Notarials/Authentication Counter from the guard.

2. Patiently wait for your number to be called or to appear on the board.

3. Go to Counter B and submit your documents to the personnel at the window.

4. Wait as the personnel evaluate the documents you have submitted. Then get the claim stub he will give to you.

5. Proceed to the cashier window to pay.  Fee is 100 AED per document.

6. Keep your claim stub and return after 3 or 5 days to pick up your duly authenticated documents.

Remember that the Philippine Embassy in UAE process only documents from Sunday to Thursday, 8 am to 12 nn and 1pm to 3pm.


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