P10,000 Cash Assistance Awaits OFWs Repatriated from Yemen –OWWA

May 27, 2015 2:15pm

Filipino workers repatriated from strife-torn Yemen may claim a cash grant of P10,000 from the Financial Relief Assistance Program (FRAP) by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) within six months of their return to the Philippines.

Qualified OFWs can avail of the grant at any OWWA Regional Offices by submitting the following requirements:

— passport or travel documents indicating the date of entry to Yemen
— date of exit from Yemen and date of arrival in the Philippines
— any government-issued ID with address or barangay certificate

“FRAP aims to provide immediate relief to OFWs while they are undergoing economic and social adjustments in their communities as a result of sudden displacement from their jobs,” OWWA said in a statement on Wednesday.

A total of 337 OFWs out of 482 workers repatriated have already availed of the cash grant as of May 25, 2015, OWWA said.

The government has provided at least P3.37 million in financial assistance to OFWs who will be repatriated from Yemen due to worsening security conditions there.

“As per Memorandum of Instruction No. 004 Series of 2015, workers from Yemen who were repatriated after the government declared Alert Level 4 Status requiring mandatory repatriation on February 16, 2015, are entitled to the one-time financial assistance,” OWWA said.

On May 11, Yemen’s Houthi militia and Saudi forces traded heavy artillery and rocket fire in border areas on Monday, residents said, a day before a five-day humanitarian truce was due to take effect.

The Houthis said they fired Katyusha rockets and mortars on the Saudi cities of Jizan and Najran on Monday, after the Saudis hit Saada and Hajjah provinces with more than 150 rockets.

Saudi planes also struck positions of the Iranian-allied Houthi group in the central city of Taiz and in the oil-producing Marib province east of the capital Sanaa.

More than six weeks of air strikes by Sunni Muslim Gulf monarchies’ jets have failed to push back the Shi’ite Houthis and militia and army units loyal to the Houthis’ ally, ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

(Source: Rie Takumi with Reuters/KBK, GMA News)

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