Philippines Creates Jobs for OFWs Returning Home

2015-0529 5K Pinoys Return from Violence-Hit Libya


MANILA: The Philippine government creating opportunities for the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who will eventually return to their homeland, Ambassador Wilfredo Santos reportedly said during the celebration of the 117th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence in Doha.

“While there may not be enough opportunities at the moment in the Philippines, there will be in the future; and we look forward to the day when Filipinos will not consider overseas employment,” he was quoted as saying by Gulf Times.

“But in the meantime, the Philippine government is committed to protecting the rights of OFWs and promoting their welfare, and we will do everything possible to assist them in any way, whether they are in distress or not.”

In its 2014 Survey on Overseas Filipinos, the Philippine Statistics Authority estimated that there are 2.3mn OFWs across the world.

While the Philippine government has intensified efforts to provide domestic job opportunities, it continues to rally its support behind OFWs, the envoy added.

“The government’s role is to create opportunities that are conducive for employment to prevent Filipinos from leaving the country and find work elsewhere. But at this point, since it is advantageous for them to go abroad and seek gainful employment, the government is still supportive through the assistance it extends to OFWs through the embassies and consulates,” the ambassador was quoted as saying.

The ambassador further said the embassy, in co-ordination with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (Polo) in Qatar, partner agencies in the Philippine government, and civil society, is providing capacity building and financial education programs to further empower OFWs.

“These programs are aimed at teaching OFWs to manage their earnings wisely and invest in their own businesses back home, and transform them into active players in the Philippine economy,” Santos was quoted as saying by Gulf Times.


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