Pinoy Arrested by Singapore Airport Police

MANILA, Philippines – If you’re traveling abroad, be sure to leave any firearms or ammunition at home.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Monday reiterated its warning to Filipino travelers not to carry arms or ammunition in their belongings.

This comes after the DFA said it has received a report that the Singapore Airport Police recently arrested a Filipino national for Possession of Ammunitions under Sec. 3 (1) Cap. 14 of the Arms Offences Act of Singapore.

“The DFA reminds Filipino travelers that the carrying of guns and ammunition is strictly regulated in the Philippines and other countries. Violators of relevant laws will be arrested by police authorities, which may result not only in unnecessary delay in their journey but also criminal prosecution,” the DFA said.

The Changi Airport website shows a list of prohibited items.

Under Singapore law, prohibited items such as arms and explosives, bullet-proof clothing, antique guns, toy guns and swords require authorization from the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force.


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