Pinoy Gets Eyesight Back after Surgery in UAE — Report

A Filipino has regained his eyesight after undergoing microsurgery on his brain at a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, a UAE news site reported Sunday.

The report on Gulf News cited an Arabic newspaper that described the Filipino as 38 years old and who underwent an operation at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain.

“The patient regained his full visual abilities. These cases occur as a result of thyroid injury, pituitary bleeding or tumors, all of which can lead to loss of vision in a patient,” Dr. Mohammad Bin Lahej Falasi, head of the surgical team, told the Arabic newspaper.

Gulf News said the Filipino suffered from a pituitary tumor that put pressure on his optic nerve and affected his vision.

Doctors who took part in the operation relieved some of the pressure and restored his eyesight.

Falasi said the microsurgery did not need to open the patient’s skull.

(Source: Joel Locsin/LBG, GMA News)

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