POEA: New Rules on Work Permits in Bahrain may Affect Several Pinoy Workers

The Philippine government on Wednesday urged Filipino workers in Bahrain to apply for mobility permits in accordance with the new rules set by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) for foreign workers.

report on Gulf Daily News said the work permits of foreign workers will be canceled if the commercial registers of their employers are nullified by the Industry and Commerce Ministry (ICM).

LMRA chief executive Ausamah Al Absi said the measure was imposed to ensure the compliance of companies employing foreign laborers with existing labor rules and regulations.

Advisory No. 20-2015 of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) states that under the new measure, “the cancellation of commercial registers will lead to the automatic annulment of the work permits linked to it from the Bahrain Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) database, which will leave affected expatriate workers with no option but to leave Bahrain.”

POEA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac said applying for a mobility permit would allow Filipinos to seek employment for one month if their employers are shut down by the ICM.

“The mobility permit would qualify the foreign workers to look for employers, where they can transfer locally,” he said.

He also advised the affected Filipino workers in Bahrain to seek assistance from the LMRA to avoid ejection from the host country, especially after the ICM cancelled the commercial registration of 9,000 companies.

As of December 2013, there were an estimated 70,000 OFWs in Bahrain.

(Source: GMAnetwork.com)

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