Ramadan Prices to be Effective from June 6

2015-0602 Ramadan Prices to be Effective from June 6


The government’s annual initiative to control the price of essential household items during Ramadan came into force Saturday, with a record 400 items being sold for set discounted prices in shops across the country.

Shops in Qatar will sell 400 essential food and non-food items at discounted prices during Ramadan as part of an annual initiative by the government.

HE the Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani has issued ministerial decision No. 216 of 2015, making it binding on shopkeepers to sell 400 essential food and non-food items at reduced prices.

The new rates, about 10% less than the current cost, will be effective from June 6 to the end of the holy month of Ramadan. HE the Minister Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani said that throughout the past five years, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has been taking steps to ease the burden people during Ramadan. The minister has sought the cooperation of the public in reporting cases of violations by shopkeepers, in particular the implementation of the latest decision.

During this period, MEC inspectors will keep a strict watch on the prices and ensure that all the required food items are available in the local market in adequate quantities. They will combat any case of fraud or manipulation, such as monopoly or unfair competition practices, which negatively influence individual consumers, the statement released by the ministry said.

A detailed list of the 400 products was also issued along with the decision.

Some of the commonly consumed food items and their reduced prices are as follows: QFM Flour No.1, 5kg , QR16, QBake Plain Crepe box QR3. Cooking oils- Halwani Olive Oil, 500ml, QR16.75; QT Olive Oil Extra, 500ml, QR17.75; Noor Sunflower Oil, 1.8L, QR17.5; Mazola Sunflower Oil, 1.8L, QR17.5; Afia Sunflower Oil, 1.8L, QR18.25 and Afia Corn Oil, 1.8L, QR19.50.

Milk and dairy products include: Al Marai Fresh Milk F/F, 2L, QR10; Al Marai Fresh Milk L/F, 2L ,QR10: Nadec Fresh Milk F/F, 1.75L ,QR8.5; Nadec Fresh Milk L/F. 1.75L ,QR8.5; Safi Fresh Milk L/F, 2L QR10; Al Rawabi Full Cream Milk, 2L, QR10; Al Safi Milk F/F, 2L QR10; Nestle Sweet Condensed Milk , 395grams, QR5.75; Rainbow Condensed Milk, 397 grams, QR4.75; Al Marai Fresh Laban F/F, 2L, QR10; Nada Fresh Laban, 1.75L, QR8.5; Nadec Laban, 1.75L, QR8.5; Al Marai Yogurt, 170 grams X 6, QR5; Kraft Cheese Spread, 680 grams, QR17.5; Al Marai Shredded Mozzarella, 500 grams, QR18.75; Anchor Butter unsalted, 454 grams, QR13 and Mazola Vegetable Ghee, 1L, QR14.75.

Juices and drinks include: Nadec Orange drink , 1.75L, QR7.25; Vimto Fruit, 710ml, QR7.5; Sunquick Mixed Fruit, 840ml, QR13.75; Tang Instant drink Orange, 750 grams, QR11.5.

Macaroni products include: QF Macaroni, 400grams, QR1.75; Al Alali Spaghetti, 400 grams, QR 3.5.

Rice : Punjab Garden Rice Basmati, 5kg, QR37;, India Gate Basmati , 20kg, QR247.75 and Cleopatra Egyptian Rice, 5kg ,QR27.75.

The 400- item list contains a considerable number of meat products and frozen and fresh chicken. Sadia Frozen Chicken 1000 grams will be available during the period at QR13.5, Al Waha Fresh Chicken 1000 grams at QR15.25 and Americana Minced Beef 400 grams at QR5.25.

Among the products on the list are different brands of tea, coffee, vinegar, dates, canned and processed fish, fruits and vegetables. Non-food items include different varieties of hand wash liquids, dish wash liquids, paper tissues and garbage bags.

All shopkeepers, including small grocers in Qatar , are law-bound to sell the listed items at the prices fixed by the government. All outlets are also required to display a list of the goods in stock with prices and quantities clearly visible to the visitors.

Al Meera Consumer Goods has announced it would be selling around 1,000 goods at cost, including 750 promotional packages, as part of its annual Ramadan campaign.

(Source: Gulf-Times.com)

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