Residence Cards to Replace RP Stickers

2015-0611 Residence Cards to Replace RP Stickers




The Residence Permits (RPs) for expatriates in Qatar will no longer be issued as stickers in passports,  announced the Ministry of Interior (MoI) today. The RPs, instead, will be given as Residence Cards which will serve  as the identity cards too for the expats.

In a press conference convened today, Assistant  Director General of the Passports and Expat Affairs Brig. Mohamed Ahmed Al Ateeq announced the details of the system that is to come into force by  15th of this month.

Now the new Card will be only document that proves the identity as well as the valid residence in Qatar of the expatriate resident.

Children too are to get individual Residence Cards which also will serve as their identity card.
The New residence cards will be issued gradually by granting cards at the time of renewal of RPs and for first time applicants.

Expats presently having valid RPs on their passports will not be given new cards before expiry of the RPs except in case of passport change, said Brig. Al Ateeq

Original passport will not be required for issuance new residence card except for the first time. The card will be renewed for one or two or three years or five years for some categories as per request for same fee as before. Application for the new residence card can be done electronically through Metrash2, MOI website and e-government website  and the card will be dispatched to the applicant by post. For family and personal sponsorship, residence renewal application will be accepted electronically and physically.

Residence renewal application for govt & company sponsorship to be accepted only electronically and cards will be send by post.

Brig. Al Ateeq said Qatar has informed all countries via their embassies and airline companies about the new system of Residence Cards.

Airlines can verify validity and details of passenger’s residence permit via Interior Ministry website.


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