Saudi Arabia is a Modern, Sophisticated Country

With regard to the article “Well done, Saudi Arabia!” (Feb. 18), I have lived here for 25 memorable years and I simply love Saudi Arabia! In the past 30 years, the Kingdom has emerged as a modern, sophisticated country, having a good health care system and infrastructure.

It is a peaceful place to live, and while countries across the globe crumble as a result of political gimmicks, this country progresses, allowing expats to save money while living a decent lifestyle.

A. Baig, Online response

There is some truth in the article, but most of it is a dream. Every expatriate has his own experience whether he has been in Saudi Arabia for  30 years or three years.

Riaz Murtaza, Online response

What SRK has written is only one side of the story. I hope he will write the other part soon, and that it will also be shared by the author of the article.

We should be realistic, otherwise we will not develop. However, it is a fact that there are more good things in Saudi Arabia than there are bad, and that most of the bad things are for the expats, who are happy here because for many of them, the situation back home is worse.


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