Some Employers Still Violate Ban on Midday Work

2015-0813 Some Employers Still Violate Ban on Midday Work

SITE VISIT: Labor Ministry inspectors in Baha talk to an expat worker during a campaign to monitor violations of midday work ban in the region. (SPA)

JEDDAH: The Ministry of Labor confirmed that a number of companies violated the directives to ban work under direct sun in Riyadh during last two weeks. The violations forced laborers to work at noon and in the afternoons during the high temperatures which have recently hit the Kingdom.

The Labor Office in Riyadh said in a statement published on Monday, that a team of inspectors have recorded violations of the midday work ban during their campaign in a number of districts in Riyadh. The inspectors issued penalties against these employers.

The ministry also monitors videos and photos which were published on social media networking websites and showing expatriate labor work under the sun. The ministry has thanked all citizens who published these videos to reveal the violations of these companies.

At the same time, the Labor Ministry confirmed that it is working to ensure a safe working environment for all workers and to protect them from accidents.

The regulation imposes a fine of SR3,000 to SR10,000 or closing down the facility for not less than 30 days or permanently, or both penalties.

The ministry had banned companies from letting their employees work outside in the sun from noon until 3 p.m. starting June 16, continuing until Sept. 15.





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