Terror Suspect Trial Adjourned – Filipina DAESH Woman Hearing Sept 5

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: The Criminal Court adjourned until Nov 3, 2016 the hearing on a State Security case involving Talal Raja, a citizen charged with attempted murder as he tried to execute a suicide mission by blowing up Imam Zainulabideen Mosque in Salmiya. In Thursday’s session, the court accepted the defense panel’s request to refer the accused to a psychiatric clinic for mental evaluation. The Public Prosecution had earlier charged Raja with attempted murder of worshippers in the mosque by using an explosive vest, joining ISIL — a banned organization in the country, and swearing allegiance to the organization’s leader. The accused denied all charges leveled against him.

Hearing Sept 5: The Criminal Court has allocated the court session of Sept 5 to look into the case filed against a Filipina woman who is accused of pledging allegiance to DAESH. According to a statement issued by Ministry of Interior concerning her arrest, officials kept a tab on the email account of the Filipina woman who had entered Kuwait last June as a housemaid. In one of the emails, the 1984-born woman contacted DAESH in Libya. She used a fake name to evade monitoring. The ministry said she confessed she was ready to carry out a terrorist attack in the country when the circumstances and means were ripe with the aim of harming the security and stability of Kuwait and igniting sedition.

Comp increased: The Court of Appeals amended the ruling of the First Instance Court, thereby, obliging a citizen to pay KD15,000 instead of KD 8,000 as ruled by the lower court, to an employee as compensation for physical damage he caused in a traffic accident. Representing the employee was Attorney Ahmad Al-Otaibi who urged the higher court to review the ruling of the lower court, given that his client sustained physical disability of 40 percent caused by the accident in which the citizen was convicted and a final verdict was issued against him. Al-Otaibi pointed out his client sustained disability of up to 40 percent, in addition to the cost of treatment, delay of his promotion and psychological damage, let alone the fact that he will be limping throughout his lifetime.

Mistaken identity: A Kuwaiti court nullified the decision of the Ministry of Interior after it refused to issue a driver’s license for a Kuwaiti man. The court ordered the ministry to issue driver’s license and pay damages to the plaintiff. The plaintiff was surprised after he discovered that several violations attracting huge fines had been registered against him for alleged traffic offenses. Consequently, he filed a lawsuit to demand explanation knowing he generally observed traffic rules. Later, he discovered another person who hired cars from a car rental company with a similar name was the culprit, indicating the ministry had issued license for the culprit using the file of the plaintiff; thus, all accumulated fines were recorded in the plaintiff’s name. The two licenses were the same in data, which included the unification number, license number, date of birth and file number. Plaintiff Attorney Khalid Al-Suweifan blamed the concerned department for the error, and wondered how the ministry issued two licenses with the same data. The court thereby ordered the ministry to issue another license for the plaintiff together with compensation.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff


(Source: ArabTimesOnline.com)

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