Two Filipina Cleaners Molested in Dubai

2015-0708 Two Filipina Cleaners Molested in Dubai


DUBAI: A Dubai court has been told that an engineer allegedly molested two cleaners at his home.

Prosecutors told the Dubai Criminal court that 23-year-old Egyptian O S molested Filipina G M and her compatriot N G while they were cleaning his home in Discovery Gardens in April, reported The National.

“I was cleaning the house at 6pm with N G when the defendant pressed his private parts against my behind before he pleasured himself in front of me,” 31-year-old G M reportedly said.

N G reportedly told prosecutors that O S did the same to her. “I moved away from him after he pressed himself against me and I preceded to the bathroom to clean it before he followed me there,” said the 26-year-old, who was molested again in the bathroom..

O S failed to appear in court to enter a plea, The National report said, adding that the next hearing is set for July 27.


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