UAE Court Upholds 7-year Jail Term for Pinay in Robbery Try

A United Arab Emirates appeals court over the weekend upheld a seven-year jail term for a Filipina who used a toy gun in a robbery attempt on a money changer shop last March.

The Filipina will also serve an added two months in prison for illegally staying in the UAE after her visa expired, UAE news site Gulf News reported.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals upheld the initial ruling by the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance last May.

Court records showed the Filipina, 33, wore an abaya, the national dress, a headscarf and face cover when she tried to rob the exchange using a toy gun and a real knife.

But one of the employees disarmed her before authorities arrived.

The Filipina eventually admitted she resorted to the robbery to pay off some Dh140,000 (roughly P1,716,370) in debts.

A separate report on Khaleej Times said the Filipina had been found guilty of threatening to kill the money exchange’s employees and breaching public security.

Khaleej Times also noted the Filipina was dubbed the “Money Exchange Ghost” because of her getup when she tried to commit the crime.

(Source: Joel Locsin/LBG, GMA News)

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