UAE Summer Gets Hotter as Mercury Soars to 50C

2015-0605 UAE Summer Gets Hotter as Mercury Soars to 50C

DUBAI: The UAE residents have no respite from the scorching summer as mercury soared to 50 degree Celsius for the first time in this season on Tuesday and the weather will continue to remain very hot for next few days.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) was quoted as saying by Emirates24|7 that it recorded the first 50 degree Celsius of the year.

“It touched 50.5 degree Celsius and lasted for around half-an-hour in Swaihan in Abu Dhabi,” their spokesperson reportedly said. “It’s the highest temperature recorded in 2015.”

He explained that the temperature will remain between 49 and 50 degree celsius, adding that it will continue to be hot over the next few days.

“It could possibly touch 50 degree Celsius tomorrow (Wednesday).”

However, there are chances of mist or fog formation on Wednesday morning along Abu Dhabi towards the western region, the report said.

The NMCS forecast read, “Hot to very hot weather and partly cloudy at times over some areas. “The relative humidity will increase during night and early morning over some western coastal areas.”

On Thursday, NCMS forecasts “partly cloudy and hazy weather”. The spokesperson added, “It will be hot and dusty. Sea will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and will gradually turn rough in the Sea of Oman.”

Friday will continue to be hazy, with “rising sand and dust”, Emirates 24/7 reported.


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