Visit VISA Duration is Maximum for 180 Days

JEDDAH — The maximum period of time allowed under the regulations for anyone to stay in the Kingdom on a family visit visa is 180 days, local daily Al-Madinah reported on Monday.

The official spokesman of the Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) Lt. Col. Ahmed Bin Fahd Allihaidan told the newspaper: “The visit time will be calculated from the day the visitor has actually arrived in the Kingdom.”

The spokesman said the Jawazat has been receiving a number of enquiries from citizens and expatriates about the duration of the visit visa.

He said the visas are issued by Saudi diplomatic and consular missions that will clearly indicate the duration of visits.

“If a visitor wants to extend his/her stay in the Kingdom, he or she can do that before the expiry of the visa specified by the Saudi diplomatic or consular mission abroad,” he said.

The spokesman, however, made it clear that the total number of days any visitor would be allowed to stay in the Kingdom will not exceed six months.

He said: “The extension can be done electronically.

“No need for the visitor to come personally to the Jawazat for this.”

(Source: Saudi Gazette)

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