Web Tool to Help OFWs Rate Recruiting Agencies

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By Samuel Medenilla 

Picking the best recruitment agency for overseas Filipino workers (OFW) will soon be just a matter of downloading a new mobile app.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has partnered with a local labor group, Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK), to design and test a new web tool, which will allow migrant workers to rate the performance of their recruitment agencies.

Credit: Pixabay / MANILA BULLETIN

Credit: Pixabay / MANILA BULLETIN

PSLINK advocacy head Jilian Roque said the new mobile app will collect the positive and negative feedback from migrant workers on the services offered by their previous recruiters.

“We are looking for ways to make the recruitment process more transparent so one way of doing that is listening to worker’s experiences themselves. This (the new app) will allow other migrant workers to benefit from the experience of other workers,”Roque said.

The labor leader said the app will have functions similar to popular travel site, TripAdvisor, but it will rate recruiters, instead of hotels and tourist destinations.

She said the app will also have complaints mechanism, wherein users will be directed to appropriate government agencies to submit their negative review about a recruitment agency.

PSLINK said the project is expected to be simultaneously launched in the Philippines, Nepal, and Indonesia before the end of year.

“It (the app) is probably 85 percent complete. We are just translating its questionnaire to local languages,” Roque said.

Roque said the app will be available in several languages including Filipino and English.

The initiative is supported by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as part of its Fair Recruitment Project, which seeks to provide better recruitment practice for migrant workers.

“This will provide migrant workers with access to reliable information and services and will serve as a platform for migrant workers to share their stories or their certain indicators rate their recruitment experience,” ILO Fair Recruitment National Project Coordinator Hussein Macarambon said.


(Source: MB.com.ph)

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